Apex Legends small patch removes ‘Jumping while downed’ bug

No hopping allowed.

Apex Legends

Image via Respawn Entertainment/EA

Earlier today, Apex Legends developer released a small stability hotfix. The update didn’t add any new content to the game, but it did change a few small bugs. One of the issues the update addressed was the lack of a price on the Bangalore Edition DLC in the shop, but the more pressing issue was how players could sometimes jump when they are knocked down.

If you noticed some weird movement from downed players lately, it isn’t just you. In the past few weeks, you may have done a double-take upon seeing a downed player move in some unusual ways. Yes, there was a strange glitch that was sometimes allowing players who had been knocked down to jump. But honestly, the exploit didn’t really offer much advantage to downed players, other than disconcerting unaware players that came across them or managing to get over a small elevated surface, but the bug was sure fun.

The announcement of the fix on Respawn’s Twitter was bombarded with replies saying “rip hopping around” and similar statements. Of course, it’s good for the greater stability of the game that the bug was removed, but it is clear that players enjoyed the silly “jumping while downed” exploit while it lasted.