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Ken Levine’s Bioshock-y Judas game should be out by fiscal year 2025

But remember, folks: it's not Bioshock.

The upcoming game from Ken Levine and his studio Ghost Story Games, titled Judas, is still far from its release. Announced during The Game Awards 2022, Ken Levine’s return to video games appears to be BioShock’s spiritual successor, and a game to track in the coming years. Yes, “years.” Like it or not, you might not want to hold your breath until the release of Judas. But we come bearing good-ish news: Judas will arrive in two years at the most, according to a recent fiscal report.

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A quarterly earnings report issued by Take-Two states that the company has 87 games scheduled for release between fiscal 2023 and 2025 — that’s a big number for a company earning even bigger numbers. Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick clarified to IGN that Judas was among those 87 games, implying that Judas will arrive at the end of March 2025 at the latest.

But Zelnick also acknowledged that delays can happen, which has been evident in recent years. Zelnick doesn’t rule out changing the release date for Judas and other Take-Two titles depending on how development goes over time. After all, we already know that the company is cutting down its workforce and planning minor layoffs. But for now, Zelnic is confident in the pace of the project.

There isn’t much information about what Judas is about. Still, the Bioshock vibe is very much present from what we’ve seen of the game. In the brief teaser of gameplay footage, we met some of the title’s characters and took a glance at some potential essential story hints. What it looks like we have here is an immersive first-person sim with lots of shooting, supernatural powers, and science fiction themes — par the course with Levine’s previous work.

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