Kingdom Hearts III Has Shipped 5 Million Copies

The official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account revealed on Monday night that the latest entry in the series, Kingdom Hearts III, has already shipped out a whopping five million copies. The game hasn’t even been out for a week, yet it has already outsold Kingdom Hearts II.

For context, Kingdom Hearts II only sold a little bit over four million copies during its lifetime.

There was a lot of hype and build-up with Kingdom Hearts III. It is the first mainline title in the series since II was released back in 2005. It is the first full-length title in the series since Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance was released on the 3DS back in 2012.

Over FIVE million copies of #KingdomHearts III have been shipped worldwide!

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who’s joined the journey so far, and we hope you’re loving every minute of it!


Kingdom Hearts III was announced at E3 2013. The game was plagued with several delays, and most of them were due to the developers switching gaming engines during the middle of the game’s development.

Despite the setbacks, Kingdom Hearts III benefited from strong advertising and a loyal fan base. The positive reception at launch also helped solidified Kingdom Hearts III as being a must owned game.

These solid early sales for the title are undoubtedly good news for Square Enix, and for the fans that have been waiting for Kingdom Hearts III for almost a decade and a half. While Kingdom Hearts has always been a popular series for Square, III may turn the series into a bigger gaming powerhouse.