The dearly beloved soundtracks to Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX are finally on Spotify after years of waiting

Is all of this for real, or not?

Image via Square Enix / Disney

Kingdom Hearts fans are used to waiting for things they want, but finally one of those long-desired items has arrived. The soundtracks to Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX are now available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

Yes, the games have a crazy and incomprehensible name for an outsider, but these are some of the best video game soundtracks you can listen to. They are split into two different albums, but many of your favorite classic songs composed by Yoko Shimomura are readily available for you to listen to whenever you want now.

These collections of remasters for the Nintendo DS, PS2, and PSP entries in the series have been wished for essentially since Spotify began to grow in popularity. One of the most memorable aspects of Kingdom Hearts is its music, which is saying a lot for a series filled with Disney and Final Fantasy characters.

Previously, a lot of fan-performed tracks were the only thing you could find on the service. These songs aren’t bad by any means, but they’re not the official thing. Having the actual songs you hear in the games to play when you are studying or working is truly a nice change.

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As mentioned above, fans of the Kingdom Hearts franchise are a bit too used to having to wait a long time for things. It took over a decade for Kingdom Hearts III to release after the second numbered game. Of course, there were plenty of spinoffs in that time, but not a lot of pushing the story forward.

Following the announcement of Kingdom Hearts IV last year, we still have no real clue the next time we will see more of that upcoming game, but this is a great way to bide our time. Below are the two Spotify links if you want to listen to the songs yourself.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 official soundtrack

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 official soundtrack