Kingdom Hearts Dark Road in-game screenshots show battles and cutscenes

First look at how the mobile game works.

Square Enix has shared the first in-game screenshots from Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. The screenshots offer a first look at the incoming Kingdom Hearts game and dive deep into how battles work and cutscenes.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road is a prequel focusing on Xehanort’s past, as the title wants to explore the path that led him to become what he is in the mainline franchise.

The combat system is put on display, and images remark how players will be tasked with combining cards to boost the effects of their attacks.

Play cards of the same color for a power boost!

Combats are said to be fast and fluid, with familiar characters who will be featured in the cards that promise to have massive effects if correctly used.

Choose your cards wisely to win battles!

We also get a look at the peculiar art style, which is much different from the mainline saga.

Enjoy intuitive and strategic combat as you tap and flick to victory!

The screenshots are also provided with descriptions sharing more clues about the characters involved in them and their backstories.

Why did he become the seeker of darkness?

We can also see a slide with all the enemies the player had met thus far through the story, and some of them long time fans should be familiar with.

Complete your enemy collection!

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road doesn’t have a release date, while Union χ, the mobile app it will cross over with once available, is already in digital stores for iOS and Android.