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Kingdom Hearts Fans Lose It As Official Update Teases New Info About Missing Link

After quite the wait, Kingdom Hearts fans got a small update about the next game, Missing Link, and we're beyond thrilled

The Kingdom Hearts franchise hasn’t had a new installment since the release of Melody of Memory in late 2020. That means fans have waited three long years for today’s news about the next game, Missing Link.

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After Missing Link was announced last year, fans of the Kingdom Hearts franchise have waited and wished for more details about the new game in the series. Today, an official teaser of the next game, Missing Link, let us know Square Enix hasn’t forgotten about it. The reactions are exactly what you’d expect after such an extended wait.

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Kingdom Hearts Fans Are Beyond Excited about Missing Link

Today, Square Enix posted a teaser about the next Kingdom Hearts game on their official Twitter account for the upcoming game Missing Link. The news soon got picked up by US outlets, including Kingdom Hearts Insider, who delivered word to eager fans on Twitter.

The original tweet from KHML_PR includes the hashtag #KHML and an image presumably from the game in development, showing a building in progress in the Scala Ad Caelum world. Another image, which is now the account’s Twitter banner, shows the same world at night, with a logo for Missing Link across it.

This is hardly much in the way of new information about the game, but it does indicate that Missing Link is still in progress, and Square Enix wants to remind us about it. The game was originally announced in mid-2022, but there’s been little news for quite some time. This silence left fans of the franchise wondering not when but if we’d see the next installment.

The new, relatively cryptic tweet is the first we’ve seen from this account since late 2022. The wait is apparent in how fans are thrilled to hear anything about the next Kingdom Hearts release. Fans are using gifs to express their feelings in the comments, with familiar favorites like Titanic’s “It’s been 84 years…” and Squidward eagerly licking sand for crabby patty remnants with the caption “FOOD AT LAST.” Others are keeping it simple and simply saying, “Finally!”

We don’t know much else right now except that the game looks stunning if these are gameplay images. Hopefully, sending this Tweet out into the universe is the developer’s way of telling us we’ll know more about Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link soon enough.

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