Kingdom Hearts III Secret Ending Now Available


Kingdom Hearts III anti-leaks measures have been put into place, and you can finally access all the content of the game.

Square Enix has indeed shared two different updates between yesterday and today, the first with the epilogue and the latter with the secret ending.

The secret ending is the one you get by finding all the 90 Lucky Emblems in the game, even though the requirements reduce increasing the difficulty (Beginner requires all of them).

In case you need help on this task, give our guides a look as we’re updating them day by day with new content for you.

The update is available now and weighs in on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at around 400 MB, so it won’t take ages for you to download it.

On top of that, considering how relatively big the patch is, it seems safe to say that the cut-scene is going to be quite big.

Kingdom Hearts III is now available for PS4 and Xbox One, and has sold more than 600,000 copies in just two days in Japan. Looks rad.

Kingdom Hearts III Secret Ending Now Available