Kingdom Hearts IV has been officially announced alongside new mobile title Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link

Kingdom Hearts IV is real and taking place in Quadratum.

Image via Disney/Square Enix

After wild speculation, Kingdom Hearts IV is confirmed to be real. The next highly anticipated entry in the Disney and Square Enix JRPG crossover series was officially announced during the Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary event that took place in Tokyo, Japan.

Kingdom Hearts IV will be the first entry in The Lost Master Arc following the events of the Xehanort saga. The game will be taking place in Quadratum, which was shown off in Kingdom Hearts III as an urban Japanese metropolis.

The trailer, which was first shown at the event, depicts Sora waking up in Quadratum with the help of Strelitzia, Lauriam’s younger sister from Kingdom Hearts Union Cross. In his fresh new duds, we see Sora taking on what looks comparable to a giant heartless and showing off a tease of Sora’s versatility and new abilities this time around could be, including using the Keyblade as a grappling hook.

There was no sign of Riku, who we know follows Sora to Quadratum, nor do we see Yozora the known hero who exists in the city.

No release window has yet been set for Kingdom Hearts IV, however, a Twitter user by the name @aibo_ac7 who attended the event said that the trailer was made from gameplay made in Unreal Engine 4, but the development of the game will move into Unreal Engine 5. Take it with a grain of salt for now until an official announcement is made.

On top of the announcement of Kingdom Hearts IV, another new series title was revealed called Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link. Missing Link will be a new mobile title that appears to take place after the events of Union Cross. From what the gameplay showed, it seems that combat will be a mixture of Union Cross and Kingdom Hearts III. The trailer shows a Keyblade wielder using trophies that look similar to the medals used to attack in Union Cross. The art in Missing Link, on the other hand, is beat for beat based on Kingdom Hearts III as we see fights taking place in Tangled’s Corona.

Similar to Kingdom Hearts IV, Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link has no release date, but there are plans for a planned beta test later this year.