Kirby gets grainy with the new Sand ability in Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe

Sand is going to get everywhere.

Image via Nintendo

When you think about Kirby games, Return to Dreamland is one of the most beloved by fans. With it being over a decade since its original release back in 2011, Nintendo is finally re-releasing the masterpiece for the Switch. Of course, you can’t do a remake without adding some extra flavor to it which is exactly what Nintendo plans to do. Announced earlier today, Kirby will now be able to gobble up a new Sand ability which comes with its own set of attacks for you to fight the various enemies found throughout the game.

Nintendo revealed images on its Twitter account to show off some of the capabilities of the Sand Copy Ability. These abilities include shifting sand into the shape of a sand castle or a fist to strike foes. You can also throw sand at enemies in what appears to be a devastating wave which is sure to get sand everywhere. Each attack seems to be fairly powerful and Nintendo said that you can use it to “take on even the toughest foes.” With a statement like that, the ability is bound to be worthwhile to get your hands on, plus the new headwear is pretty cute.

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Of course, the announcement of a new ability is nice and all, but that isn’t the only thing that Nintendo revealed. As part of the thread of tweets, Nintendo also announced that the Festival Copy Ability from Kirby Star Allies is making a return to the game. You might remember this ability as the one that allowed you to destroy all nearby enemies through the power of dance. Foes should beware of Kirby’s entertaining prowess when they see the headdress being donned. Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe is set to release later this year on February 24.