Kirby Star Allies Demo Out Now


Over the weekend, the Nintendo Switch celebrated its one year anniversary. It was a pretty quiet celebration as myself and a lot of the gaming community were expecting more news on the new Pokémon game coming to Switch. Instead, we got the news that the new Kirby Star Allies demo dropped on the eShop.

Kirby Star Allies is a co-op multiplayer game releasing for the Switch on March 16. While you’re only given two levels to play, it’s a surprisingly fun demo, and gives you a great taste for what the full game is going to be like.

Kirby Star Allies Demo Out Now
Kirby CompanionsTL;DR Games • Fair Use

In Kirby Star Allies, you win enemies over by throwing hearts at them and making them your ally. You can have up to three companions, and having a nice variety is a good thing, since you can combine powers to make your attacks even more powerful. One of my favorites I discovered in the demo is Splash Curling.

After inhaling and gaining Stone powers, you can use the combined powers with the help of Dribble, who has water powers, to turn you into a curling stone that slides along the ground taking out enemies and bouncing off of walls until you slow down.

Kirby Star Allies Demo Out Now
Splash CurlingTL;DR Games • Fair Use

A few things I noticed right away while playing the demo, was that it felt like how a Kirby game should be played. The controls are simple and easy to master. As any Kirby game should be, the game has bright and colorful landscapes, and if you choose to play with just the AI instead of friends, they’re actually helpful.

I for one can’t wait for the full release of Kirby Star Allies, as I feel this will be the best Kirby game to date. It definitely reminds me of Kirby’s Dreamland for the NES, and will be picking it up on day one for sure. Kirby Star Allies releases on March 16 for the Nintendo Switch for $59.99.