Kojima Productions is making an anime, wants to create a smaller project too

Otacon would be thrilled.

Image via Kojima Productions

During an interview on the Japanese radio show NHK Radio on January 2, Hideo Kojima revealed that Kojima Productions is working on a myriad of projects, including an anime, a new triple-A game, and a smaller project that is neither open-world nor a shooter. The interview, which was broadcast in Japanese, was paraphrased in English by Twitter user Genki_JPN.

In the interview, Kojima stated that Kojima Productions LA would work on producing drama, film, and anime projects. Kojima Productions launched its LA branch in late 2021 to focus on film, television, and music production. Given Kojima’s known obsession with film, television, and anime, it’s hardly surprising to see him delve into these fields.

Not much information was shared on the smaller title mentioned by the game director, but it’s also not surprising to see Kojima wishing to avoid popular game industry genres like shooters and open-world titles. As for the studio’s upcoming triple-A title, Kojima expressed a desire to make it a game “that everyone will say they want to play,” according to Genki_JPN’s translation.

However, Kojima also advised that the studio is facing some ongoing trouble. Kojima claimed that Kojima Productions is currently understaffed and that it has had difficulty recruiting staff from overseas as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This news follows a post made by Kojima on January 1, in which the creator claimed he would be working on a “radical project” heading into 2022. He also expressed a desire to set up a video team, which could be related to the studio’s upcoming anime project, as well as start a radio project, which we have yet to hear more on.