Kojima Productions teases big plans for its next projects

Hideo Kojima has a lot in mind.

For the past few years, Kojima Productions has been hard at work on the mysterious Death Stranding. But now that it’s been released on PlayStation 4, with its debut on PC due this year, it’s time for the developers to think about what comes next. And, boy, have they been thinking.

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine (as translated by DualShockers) suggests that studio head Hideo Kojima, alongside artist Yoji Shinkawa, have a few things planned for the company.

Along with working on some kind of manga, Kojima noted that he wants to make something featuring mechs, if only to see what designs Shinkawa has in mind. While a game would be ideal, he didn’t rule out the idea of doing an anime instead, since it’s easier than producing a game. Kojima also mentioned he still has his desire to make a film at some point.

That does not mean he’s leaving game production, not in the least. There are plans for several game projects, including a “big” one. Kojima also expressed his desire to try smaller projects sometime, including an episodic game, like what Telltale Games is known for. He says he hopes to produce some of these while his “big” project is in the works, but he wouldn’t divulge further details.

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He also discussed how much games and movies have the ability to change, and even merge. He pointed out that a number of 40+-year-old directors in Hollywood have fundamentals of video game storytelling in mind. He also told a story about Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac taking the time to stop by the studio, noting how much the actor respected video games.

The interview concluded with Kojima detailing the praise he received for Death Stranding, perhaps the most of his career. But he also pointed out the mixed reviews it had gotten, indicating that there’s still room to improve.

While there weren’t more specific details as to what Kojima Productions is working on, it sounds like it has a lot on its plate. But if even one of those projects can match—or surpass—the ambition put into Death Stranding, it will be worth the wait.