League of Legends is trying to reinforce positive behavior with exclusive skin

Get your positivity on.

Image via Riot Games

The League of Legends community isn’t known for their calm and reasonable temperaments, but Riot Games is trying its best to change up the community’s behavior with numerous measures against toxicity. The company is continuing its attempt to reinforce positive behavior by rewarding players who are particularly kind with some exclusive loot.

According to Riot Games, they have data that shows that while only 5% of players are “consistently disruptive,” 86% of reports are against regular players who “get tilted once in a while.” In other words, Riot Games said “almost all reports are against the average player who usually behaves well.”

As a result, Riot Games wants behavior systems to not just punish disruptive players, but also to reward great ones. To help reinforce positive activity between players, Riot Games is updating its Honor Level system to include greater rewards, including an exclusive recall VFX and skin.

These rewards will only be available to players who reach Honor Level 5. To reach Honor Level 5, players must consistently show good behavior and avoid getting reports and punishments. Meanwhile, Riot is still working on improving aspects such as champion select reporting and improvements in detecting verbal abuse in chat between players.