Top 10 LoL Champions We’d Like To See in Project L

Project L has finally shown some gameplay, and players are wondering which of their favorite champs they’ll see. Here are our picks.

Image via Riot

It’s been a while since the initial teaser for Project L. We’ve seen a few screenshots here and there, but nothing was official until late July, when Riot released more gameplay footage on their YouTube channel. Seeing Ahri and others in real-time, tag-teaming and beating each other up was surreal after years of speculation.

Now it seems like the cast is almost done being finalized. Many fans are still looking forward to the playable champions, and although it’s ninety-nine percent certain that the final roster is complete, that won’t stop us from speculating. Here is our list of the top League of Legends champions we expect to see in Project L.

10. Fiora

Image via Riot Games

Fiora is one of the first champions that comes to mind regarding one-on-one combat. She can parry multiple attacks while, at the same time, unleashing quick attacks that can be used to create some cool mix-ups. Although this idea may be a bit much, they could introduce different effects with certain skins. For example, lunar skins can have red-colored fireworks after each landed attack.

9. Gragas

Image via Riot Games

Gragas is the perfect zoning character for Project L. There’s been many nights where bronze and iron players cried themselves to sleep after the suffering this champion placed on them with his endless kegs. A unique quirk for his gameplay could mirror Jamie from Street Fighter 6, where swigs from his keg can power up his attacks or debilitate his enemies.

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8. Jax

Image via Riot Games

The unbeatable one. Jax would be a great Rugal-style final boss for a potential arcade mode. With his pole, the number of pokes he could do while controlling range would be frustrating for anyone looking to jump in for free. Also, his leaps are quick and deadly and can make mix-ups pretty easy for talented players.

7. Lee Sin

Image via Riot Games

Surprisingly, Lee Sin is not already on the prototype roster. You’d think it’d be easy due to his easily transferrable style, which is based on real martial arts. His style is reminiscent of characters like Gen from Street Fighter and Josie from Tekken, with his emphasis on quick close ranged strikes. His sonic wave projectiles could be a tool to keep his opponent honest while dashing behind it to get into melee range.

6. Cho’Gath

Image via Riot

This pick is a quirky one due to the mechanics that Cho’Gath has in LoL. That said, I believe that the sheer number of options available to him would turn the genre on its head. With Cho’Gath you introduce some crazy juggling setups, a life-steal mechanic, or even some round-to-round carryovers like increased health. Good luck to the animators.

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5. Nilah

Image via Riot games

For all, you (Street Fighter V) Poison fans out there, Nilah is one to look forward to. Her formless sword is quick and rangy, and the ability to pull adversaries closer to her can spell disaster for those new to fighting games. She also has a dash to close the distance and deliver punishment in a blink of an eye. Not to mention, her skins are pretty awesome looking.

4. Nasus

Image via Riot Games

Nasus is a throwback to the early years of LoL. He also can be a potential throwback to Sentinel from Marvel Vs. Capcom, with his ultimate increasing his size to gigantic proportions and amplifying his attack range. Also, anthropomorphic furry fans need their champion too, so who better to represent the community than the dog-head titan himself.

3. Singed

Image via Riot Games

The Mad Chemist makes his debut on the list. Singed has a reputation for being a noob-trap character, specifically when playing against him. While chasing Singed can be fun for new players in LoL, in Project L, this mechanic can be even more interesting if the developers let the players coat the entire stage with debilitating chemicals. Of course, the awesome Bane-like skin should be available to help him look the part.

2. Zac

Image via Riot Games

Another quirky character. Zac is the epitome of an animator’s nightmare with his gooey body and bouncy attacks. His look resembles a character from Clay Fighter, and the constant bodily transformations are very blob-like. If possible, Zac can potentially be a crazy rush-down type fighter, with his potential for creative footsies and big corner carries.

1. Vi

Image via Riot Games

Vi is almost a shoo-in for making the final roster, but the fit is too perfect to pass up for this list. As the other half of Piltovers finest, she’s known for chasing and beating down criminals with her oversized fist weapons. Her style resembles Bullet from Blazblue, but unlike that character, Vi is capable of so much more range as her weapons are quite bigger. Side note, her police outfit is mandatory as an alternate skin.