Like a Dragon: Ishin! has DLC you’ll need to buy every time you start a new playthrough

When playing again breaks the bank.

Image via Sega

Like a Dragon: Ishin! is slashing its way onto consoles and PC today to major positive hype and approval. Players in the west are finally able to experience a remake of this ensemble piece set in 1860s Kyoto that Japanese players originally played back in 2014. What players did not expect, however, is to have to make repeat purchases to experience new playthroughs with the DLC.

A Reddit user uploaded an image of a response that they received from Sega support informing them that the four available DLCs for Like a Dragon: Ishin! cannot be reapplied or transferred to another console or save file once used. The developer states that the Ryoma Growth Support Kit, Sword Upgrade Material Kit, Gun Upgrade Material Kit, and Third Division Armament Expansion Kit must all be repurchased for use in each additional playthrough.

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Most players are not too happy about this information. While the DLC in question is not required to succeed in the game, people seem to be over having predatory practices for purchasing additional content. Fans comment that most DLC should only have to be purchased once, making it permanently available to anyone who shelled out the cash. With no solution or further clarification from the company, the best advice, for now, is to avoid having to create a new game save file unless you don’t care about the DLC in multiple playthroughs.

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Like a Dragon: Ishin! is available today for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One. DLC drama aside, the game is an incredibly fun outing for the Yakuza franchise fans.