All pet locations in Like a Dragon: Ishin

There are six pets in the game.

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Like a Dragon: Ishin will have you visiting multiple places where you will meet new characters. The game lets you form a bond with others, which leads to unlocking different rewards and features. However, along with humans, you can also form a bond with animals that can be found at various locations. To help you find all of them, we’ve compiled a guide on all pet locations in Like a Dragon: Ishin.

Where to find all pets in Like a Dragon: Ishin

You won’t be able to find pets anywhere until you unlock ‘Another Life’ in Chapter 4. This means that you will need to make significant progress before you can start adopting them.

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The Barking Dog

When you reach Rakunai, you’ll confront a small dog who is barking continuously. To make him stop barking, you must give him two bones, which can be purchased from a Pawn Shop for 100 mon each.

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Lucky Cat

This is another pet that can be found in Rakunai. While the Barking Dog wanted bones, this Lucky Cat wants money. To start a bond with it, you need to give it 1 ryo and 1,000 mon. Afterward, you can keep returning to it to give it 2,000, 3,000, and 5,000 mon.

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The Patient Dog

The Patient Dog can be found in Fushimi, and he won’t ask you for money or any items. Instead, this good boy just wants food. To take your bond to the maximum level with him, you will need to feed him four times.

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Filthy Cat

This one is near the Patient Dog in Fushimi. As its name suggests, the cat is not in good condition and just demands a bath. To raise your bond with it, bathe the cat three times.

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Injured Dog

To find the Injured Dog, you must make your way to Mukurogai. There, you will find a dog who is badly injured. To heal him, you will need to use Ointment and Vitality Pills three times.

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Hungry Cat

Finally, we have the Hungry Cat located in Rakugai. Out of all the pets, this one is the most difficult to satisfy. The problem isn’t with the cat requiring food to form a bond, but the type of food it wants at later stages. During the first three times, it will eat any fish you give it. However, it will only accept the Red Sea Bream for the fourth time. Then, to raise the bond to the maximum, you will need to feed it a Tuna. If you don’t know, this is the toughest fish to catch in Like a Dragon: Ishin, as it requires you to get the best fishing rod and bait.

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