Looks like Nintendo Switch Online’s N64 Expansion Pack is having emulation problems

Some claim the games are outright unplayable.

Image via Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack is live now, bringing Nintendo 64 games to the service at an additional cost. According to fans, that cost might not be worth it.

Numerous complaints have been compiled in a ResetEra thread by user HustleBun. These include input lag, frame rate and sound issues, and much more. Nintendo’s control choices are odd as well, switching the Joy-Con’s A and B buttons and activating of the C buttons by holding ZR. Within the thread, users nogoodnamesleft and paftree state that movement in Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time isn’t up to snuff. Users Renna Hazel and bounchfx mention their discomfort with the control scheme — which cannot be edited.

At least one user, ZeroMaverick, goes as far as to say they regret their purchase. Considering the Expansion Pack’s higher pricing, that complaint is valid. The Expansion Pack features nine total games right now, including the aforementioned Super Mario and Zelda, along with Star Fox 64, Mario Tennis, and others.

For that price, at that number of offered games, with this volume of complaints, Switch owners are understandably upset with Nintendo. There are plenty of additional games we want to see added to the service, but it seems there are technical difficulties that need to be fixed first. As of the time of this writing, Nintendo has not addressed the complaints.