Lost Ark players are getting falsely banned for Founder’s Pack issues

Bad news for some players.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Many Lost Ark players logged in to find their accounts banned over the past week, for reasons unbeknownst to them. As the confused players looked into the matter even further, a common thread seemed to link all the bans of this recent ban wave together.

According to players in this thread (many of which are providing purchase histories for their Steam accounts), players have been banned for claiming Founder’s Pack rewards, and then refunding the Founder’s Pack right after. However, most of these bans appear to be false, and players have been banned for refunding the Founder’s Pack before the game even was released. Players are sounding off in the official Lost Ark forums, with many users concerned about banned accounts.

A common occurrence here is players who purchase a lower tier of the Founder’s Pack ends up purchasing the Platinum Founder’s Pack instead. Concurrently, these players also decide to refund the cheaper tier they bought in turn.

Here’s an example of a user’s transaction history:

Screenshot by Gamepur

Players have also been receiving this message from Amazon Games Support:

Screenshot by Gamepur

Users are claiming these responses seem to be bot replies coming from Amazon Games Support, but according to forum moderator Jormungandrh, these are made from Amazon Games Support’s appeal team.

“I’m sorry to hear about this situation but those aren’t bot responses, those responses are from our appeal team and if they upheld the original ban it’s because an investigation was made and it was deemed correct.”

Lost Ark Community Manager Roxx has also stated that internal teams have been notified and that the issue will get “appropriately addressed.”

Update: Community Manager Roxx has begun to collect names of users falsely impacted by this ban. As of this writing, many of the bans have not been resolved yet.