The best locations to farm upgrade materials in Lost Ark

Your Lost Ark stronghold’s going to need a lot of work.

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Farming materials is one of the most important things you can learn in Lost Ark. Lost Ark is a vast game full of PvE content and progression paths to track down, and all of them require significant resources to complete. Once you unlock a Stronghold, you will gain access to six trade abilities, mining, fishing, foraging, hunting, logging, and excavating. These skills will help you farm materials, but knowing where to use them is tricky. This guide will give you the best locations to farm upgrade materials in Lost Ark.

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All Lost Ark upgrade materials farming location

You can use any of the six trade skills in every continent Lost Ark has for you to explore, and a good habit is to check the tier of the materials you need. If it’s a higher tier of an item, you must use these trade skills in a high-level area. Before you worry about end-game locations, however, you need the basics first, and these locations below are a great kick-off point for farming a lot of materials.


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Lakebar is one of the premier locations for hunting, chopping down trees, and mining valuable ore. It’s located near Luterra, the central hub for your Lost Ark adventure and where you will spend most of your time. Frequent laps around this location will yield you a ton of materials.

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Bilbrin Forest

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This forest is directly north of Lakebar and the best place in the game to farm timber. You will need timber for just about every project in the game. Stronghold buildings, quests, crafting, and upgrading your ship require this valuable resource. Even in late-game scenarios, you can make this forest a must-visit location anytime you want to stock up on some wood.

Fesnar Highland

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The previous areas will grant you full access to materials for the early to mid-game content Lost Ark has in store, but you will need a higher tier of materials once you begin end-game content. Once you reach Vern Castle, which is the end game hub, you will be able to access the Fesnar Highland. This one location has materials that all six trade skills can access. Roam around and run a lap to collect a bounty of excellent materials to carry you deep into the hardest content in Lost Ark.