Lost Ark players are waiting hours to log into the game

Waiting in a long line to play a game.

Image by Smilegate RPG

Lost Ark players who were excited to jump into the game after a long day of work were faced with disappointment this week, with a huge queue keeping players from connecting to their server. Players are reporting on Reddit and the official forums of queues lasting up to two hours, making it increasingly difficult to play the actual game.

The Una server seems to be hit the hardest, as the server uniquely was affected by long loading times. To counteract the lag, Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games seem to have lowered server capacity before signing off for the weekend, leaving players with a huge queue to deal with.

As of this writing, the only post directly addressing the queue times blamed the issues on a mixture of bots and the reduced server capacity. Community Manager Roxx stated these issues will likely be addressed in the next maintenance (Likely regarding the weekly maintenance held on Thursday, despite issues cropping up much earlier.)

These queue times seem to be a symptom of a much larger bot problem plaguing the community, with Amazon Games currently unable to wipe out much of the botting population for the game. It’s unknown if these issues will be fixed before the weekly maintenance on Thursday.

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