Madden 24 is Now Showing Mercy for Lopsided Matches

It seems like Madden has added some new features after all. No longer will you have to sit and put up with a lopsided defeat.

Screenshot by Gamepur

EA Sports has been in the game for over three decades now. There’s never been a game company that’s stuck around the field nearly as long, and they’ve delivered every year. Now, some would say that the releases are pretty much identical to one another, especially the Madden Football series. But the community is baffled by the deteriorating features or bizarre design choices for the annual franchise, and the players are heading to social media to vent their outrage. We can only hope to see Madden get back on track one day soon.

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You’ve Asked and They’ve Delivered

Well, we seem to be at a point where EA realizes that the game may not be too enjoyable to play for those on the losing end. One Reddit user brought it to the communities’s attention that the game features an option for the losing side to bow out if they wish to forfeit early. This comes as no surprise, as the old-school method of just rage quitting, and unplugging the console was starting to get more difficult with the size that our entertainment centers are reaching now.

Maybe this is all a ploy to get users to spend more money on DLC, or extra packs. The game designers must not be fans of big comebacks, or missed Superbowl LI, when Tom Brady made one of the biggest comebacks ever. Other users echoed a similar sentiment that harder difficulties are less fun, so perhaps the game is letting them off easy.

With Madden 24 releasing last month, there’s been plenty of mixed reviews with most of the fanbase dreading the lack of direction for the series. We were all hopeful that with the growing tech and in-game engines, there would be more to work with for the team over at EA Sports. If anything, at least, by adding some new substantial features to the modes already in there.