Madden 24: What Time Does Content Update

it’s time to find out when content updates this year in Madden Ultimate Team

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If you’re a veteran of Madden Ultimate Team, you’re pretty used to content updating at 10:30 a.m. EST. This year, in Madden 24, EA is making changes to when daily and weekly content will be released. This guide will break down exactly when everything in the game resets.

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When do daily timers update in Madden 24?

Thanks to a Good Morning Madden live stream we know that daily timers will stay the same. Daily XP challenges, Solo Battles, and MUT Champions will continue to refresh at 10:30 a.m. EST. Make sure you’re keeping up to date, as daily XP challenges are one of the best ways to upgrade your field pass.

What time do new challenges drop in Madden 24?

Last year, everything in the game would update at 10:30 a.m. This year, EA is targeting 1:30 PM for any content that happens on a weekday in an attempt to minimize mistakes with launching content. Our recommendation is to use that time by finishing up your solo battles and completing your daily objectives. This way, when new challenges drop, you’ll be able to focus on them.

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What days do Madden 24 challengers come out in Madden 24?

Major content updates are still scheduled for Friday. In Madden 24, Team of the Week content, which will start when the real NFL season is underway, is moving from Tuesday to Wednesday in order to better accommodate the standout from the Monday night game. Legends are still on Saturday but get moved up to 1:30 PM. This means that instead of Legends packs disappearing at 10:30 on a Monday, they won’t expire until 1:30. This change will hopefully not only help the stability of the game but also be kinder to players, particularly on the west coast, who don’t have to get up super early anymore.