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Match your Series X fridge with an upcoming Series S toaster

Does it come with Xbox toast?

Xbox enthusiasts looking to add to their themed appliance collections might just want to watch the latest information popping up on Twitter. A French Xbox handle is showcasing what seems to be an Xbox-themed toaster for pre-order. While an absolutely ridiculous idea, a Series S toaster would go very well with that previously released Series X mini fridge you purchased on an impulse some time ago, wouldn’t it?

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It is not confirmed whether or not this Series S toaster is legit, but the company seems to be going all in on its existence. People in France or Belgium are able to pre-order the toaster so that the company can gauge interest in how many to secure.

The ad stresses that the toaster is extremely limited in stock and will cost 60 euros, which is the equivalent of just under $64. It is also stated as releasing at some point in 2023. Take heed when trying to pre-order it, however, as this may just be a waiting list and not an official guaranteed purchase.

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The previously released Xbox mini fridge was a popular novelty item that some fans purchased for fun. It is a sleek little appliance that fits perfectly in a gaming station, but a lot of reviewers advised passing on it unless you are a die-hard fan. This Series S toaster is even more of a gimmick souvenir, and finding a place for a toaster in a gaming setup seems like a hard task. If making sure your bread is warm and crunchy without leaving your play session is important to you, however, then you can’t go wrong here.

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