Meet Your Maker Players Voice Anger At Builders Blocking Forsaken Tombs

A community rule is being enforced through pettiness, but it’s working.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Players in Meet Your Maker are done with builders blocking off some of the most lucrative parts of their bases. Forsaken Tombs drop hundreds of resources that feed into the gameplay loop, so when a raider encounters a base with one that’s been blatantly blocked off, they’re punished in the pettiest way possible.

The Meet Your Maker community is naming and shaming the bases and their builders that block one of the most rewarding portions of raiding, Forsaken Tombs. These appear in every base when a builder purchases it, and they then have the choice to either incorporate it into their design or block it so raiders have no chance of earning extra resources when they enter.

The Meet Your Maker Community Is Punishing Builders Without Etiquette

Image via Reddit user DrBrevin

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The image above is just one of many that get hundreds of comments on the Meet Your Maker subreddit when they appear. This is a blocked Forsaken Tomb. You can tell because the building blocks have been placed around a central point, ensuring no raider can access it. The player that took this image would also be able to hear the low rumbling noise Forsaken Tombs make.

When a builder does this, it’s seen as a conscious choice to make your base less enjoyable. Destroying a Forsaken Tomb awards hundreds of rare resources that will help a raider when they go to upgrade their gear or build their own bases. While some Forsaken Tombs, like the one above, clearly aren’t within the base, the community rule is to leave them for raiders to find or include them in some way so raiders can reap the rewards if they find them.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Forsaken Tombs are much more satisfying when included in a base’s design. Take the one in the image above, for example. The builder laid a path to it and used decorations to make it obvious to all raiders. It’s part of the base and your journey through it. Seeing one always puts you on edge because you never know if the builder is rewarding you for exploring or about to pounce with several hidden traps around the juicy pot of parts.

When players find blocked Forsaken Tombs, they’re either quitting Meet Your Maker so they can leave the base without losing progress or are finishing it and not leaving any accolades. Neither of these is particularly punishing, but leaving a base without completing it sends the builder a message that their base isn’t fun. Furthermore, withholding accolades prevents the base from gaining fame, notoriety, and reaching the point where it might be recommended to others.

This is about as mean as you can be in Meet Your Maker without reporting a base, but despite how egregious this behavior can be, it’s not against the terms of service. We don’t see how developer Behaviour Interactive can do anything to combat this activity. Considering that Meet Your Maker is a live service game with new content planned for the foreseeable future, it’s possible.

Why Are Players Blocking Forsaken Tombs?

Builders are blocking Forsaken Tombs in Meet Your Maker for two reasons. For some builders, the Forsaken Tomb is an afterthought outside of the base they’ve built or plan to build. They cover them up to avoid sending players in the wrong direction or having them grab the resources and leave. The other reason builders are blocking Forsaken Tombs is out of spite. They don’t want players to get these additional resources even though it doesn’t cost the builder a thing.