Meet Your Maker Base Building Tips & Tricks To Protect Your Genmat

Craft the ultimate deathtrap.


Image via Behaviour Interactive

While you’ll likely spend most of your time raiding in Meet Your Maker, it pays to have a deadly base. It can rack up kills and earn progression across all Advisors and for your Chimera while you sleep. That said, it can be hard to craft the perfect murder maze. This guide outlines a few base-building tips and tricks for Meet Your Maker that will help you build an efficient killing machine from the word go.

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How to build an efficient base

Below, we’ve listed our top tips for building the best base possible from the very beginning in Meet Your Maker. We’ve also added some tips for where you should try to improve your base over time since it’ll net you enough resources to expand it rather quickly.

Start with a low base

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll be tempted to build a colossal base when first playing Meet Your Maker. However, this uses up precious space on your lot, meaning you can’t place as many traps. Start with a low base, making the most of the blocks already available in the lot and simply putting a roof on top. This gives you loads of real estate to place traps on without needing new blocks for a main path. You can build up from there as you prestige your base, but starting low will see you progress much faster.

Build a secret entrance

Screenshot by Gamepur

You need to leave a path for your clone to transport Genmat through your base. However, you can also create a secret entrance. Early on, this is a great way to give yourself an easy way in and out of your base when testing it. As you earn more resources and prestige your base, you’ll be able to draw players in with decorations, making them think that this route is easier or more rewarding. Pack it with traps, hidden guards, and all sorts of devious death-dealing tools, and you’ll soon kill even the most experienced of raiders.

Place traps on corners

Screenshot by Gamepur

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As you will no doubt experience when you raid bases built by other players, corners are a great place for traps. They’re just outside your vision enough when you’re rushing that they can catch you unawares at least once. In the image above, you can see we’ve placed one trap on a corner, with another just inside the corner from there. This ensures that players don’t expect the second trap even if they see the first. Admittedly, the flying clone above that trap helps to distract players from the real danger, but you can build up to this. Placing traps on corners is enough to kill every player who thinks they’re too quick for your base to catch them.

Hide guards just out of sight

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once players get inside your base, you want to make things feel as claustrophobic as possible. Place blocks around the main path to hem them in, leading to an open area filled with traps at every turn. In the image above, we’ve got a trap behind players on this path, one on the floor, and a guard to the side that will attack players long before they’re ready to take out the traps. This level of chaos prevents players from thinking clearly. Even if they know everything they’re up against, the panic will cause them to make a mistake, and that’s when you get your kills.

Acid blocks require precise placement

Screenshot by Gamepur

Acid Blocks can feel like a useless trap. They rely on players running through them or falling into them, and it’s difficult to force that to happen. However, you can place them in just the right locations to make them as efficient as possible. The image above shows how the Acid Block is placed just in front of a trap. This is because that trap draws players in. They’ll destroy it and want to retrieve their ammo. When they do, they could fall through the Acid Block. Add in guards on the opposite side, and you’ve got a guaranteed kill if a player doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Make the most of diagonal edges

Screenshot by Gamepur

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You can change the shape of blocks to be half-sized with a diagonal edge. These are perfect for creating small corridors, but also for placing traps. In the above image, you can see a trap aimed at the path forward. Most players won’t check for traps like this until they’ve been raiding for a few hours and have died to them. Even then, these are a great way to get a sneaky kill on players who aren’t paying attention or who are distracted by your guards.

Second Wave is a fantastic starting trap mod

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can modify your guards and traps to make them even better at killing raiders. The Second Wave mod causes a trap to be hidden until a player has retrieved your Genmat. Place traps along the main path into your base with this mod attached to catch them as they rush out. Players always think they’ve won once they grab your Genmat, but that’s never the case when you have two or three Second Wave mods active and ready to pounce.