Meet Your Maker Raiding Tips & Tricks To Beat Every Base

Don’t let the builder get into your head.


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Raiding is at the heart of Meet Your Maker. It’s what you’re encouraged to do before diving into base building, and it’ll keep you busy every time you log in for a quick session. However, the community is great at building deadly bases that will kill you at every turn. That’s why we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to help you master raiding in Meet Your Maker, meaning no base can keep you out.

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Tips and tricks for raiding in Meet Your Maker

Below, we’ve listed every tip we wish we had when we first started raiding in Meet Your Maker. If you’re struggling to get through bases and steal the Genmat inside, read through them to see if there’s a tactic you could use to improve your approach.

Destroy traps as you go

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Destroying a trap will earn you XP, but you’ll also get parts if you manage to destroy a trap before it triggers. When you see a trap in the distance, shoot it to disarm it before it has a chance to try to kill you. Be aware that builders will place traps nearby to try to catch you as you retrieve your ammo. You should also be destroying every trap you come across, even once it’s triggered. This will ensure it won’t come back to haunt you when you exit the base.

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Check for Holographic Blocks everywhere

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Holographic Blocks are the easiest way to die to an unseen threat in Meet Your Maker. Builders love to place them as flooring with a trap or guard just beyond, teasing you in, only for you to drop to your death in an Acid Block below. They can also hide deadly guards in a side passage until you walk past them, leading to a swift demise from an unseen killer. Take your time as you walk through a base and assess every corridor. You can see Holographic Blocks shimmering, almost bending at the edges. Check all suspiciously-placed blocks to see if they do this, and you should avoid any tricks the builder has in store for you.

Double-check for traps in the walls and floors

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We’ve been caught out by traps in the walls and floors innumerable times because the builder has cleverly hidden them using decals and a messy collection of block types. This is an advanced tactic builders will use in the most challenging bases, and it will catch you out. Even once you’ve grabbed the Genmat, be on guard for traps hidden away in messy corridors and rooms where you can barely tell traps apart from the walls.

Run away from bomb traps

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There are two types of bomb traps. One that will spew a collection of bombs at you that explode and destroy everything in their path, and another that blasts you with orbs of energy. Both are dangerous and tough to deal with, which is why we recommend running away from them. The bomb-spewing trap only triggers once, so you can set it off, run away, and then come back to deal with whatever’s left. The energy bomb traps are nastier because they need to be shot to be disabled. Shoot them from afar to clear out an area and deal with everything else with your melee weapon.

Learn to back away when a trap triggers

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When a trap or guard is triggered, you’ll get a lovely red on-screen indicator showing you where the danger is. This almost always leads to panic, and your death will follow swiftly after. We advise you to learn how to back away along the path you’re on so you don’t end up in the path of any stray spears or bullets. This goes against all video game logic, but if you flit around a bast, you’ll play right into the builder’s hands and die.

Look for creative solutions

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Some bases look simple from the outside, others are towering behemoths that strike terror through your soul. All of them are beatable though. The path the harvester follows through a base is the best one to follow, but it will be littered with traps and guards. There’s often a different path you can take, one designed for the builder themselves because it’s easier. Look for alternative routes through a base, or just past its toughest defenses. Routes that give you an advantage over guards or a vantage point on traps. If you’re struggling with the main path, there’s usually always a better way around the choke point.