Megan Fox is Looking to Add Some Bite to Mortal Kombat 1

A blast from the past returns with Nitara. The vampire queen is looking to make a big splash with her new voice actress.

Image via Warner Bros. YouTube

It’s not every day that you get a legacy character from the Deadly Alliance trilogy. NetherRealm Games, and specifically Ed Boon, is known for creating and dumping characters as each new game releases, but it’s looking like they’re making amends with their upcoming title. We’ve already seen the return of Shujinko as a Kameo character, and rumors of other familiar characters are making the rounds on the internet. Will the Fire God Liu Kang find it in his heart to remake some of the more forgettable characters into powerhouses in his new world?

Well, the answer to that question lies with the queen of vampires, Nitara. She’s back, angrier than ever, with a whole new script and celebrity backing. Making an entrance has never been a problem for Mortal Kombat characters, but this reveal is pretty substantial even by the franchise’s standards. NetherRealm picked an interesting time to reveal her, as the game is set to launch in the coming weeks after many months of hype.

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A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Image via Warner Bros

Nitara was one of the characters we wanted back on our official list of characters that needed to make an appearance. When we wrote it, we were just hoping for a Kameo, but today, Warner Bros. released a full trailer detailing the Vampire Queen along with her new VA, the notorious Megan Fox. Along with this addition comes a new backstory and motivation for a character that seemed a bit out of place in the original timeline. According to the trailer, there’s now a realm dedicated to her species, and her mission seems to align with the forces of evil.

Nitara has never been a popular character among fandoms. Her moveset was generic, and NetherRealm never really tapped into some of the unique qualities of her vampiric nature. Because of that, there’s not much that’s holding her back in the current continuity, so seeing her be more “vampiric” is nice. It’s only a matter of time before we see more epic returns if the team sees fit to give her another chance at establishing a presence in the timeline.

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Our fingers are crossed for another surprise reveal, but it’s most likely not going to happen with the release inching ever closer. If everything goes right for the reboot, maybe the team will find it in their hearts to bring back Kira. She’s one of the more underrated characters in the series, and we believe a fresh outlook would do her well. Still, the hype meter has risen a few notches as NetherRealm prepares to commit a fatality on September 14.