Mortal Kombat 1: Best Liu Kang Combos And Attacks

Liu Kang is back in God mode and ready to punish the other Kombatants with slick combos and special moves.

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Liu Kang is one of the best characters in Mortal Kombat 1, thanks to his lightning-fast combos and quick recovery after attacks. He’s recommended for newcomers who are looking to be competitive with friends and lower levels in online play. While he is perfectly playable at higher levels, he lacks a number of cheesy moves that’ll give you an overwhelming advantage like Baraka or Raiden.

Still, he’s really good overall and maybe a tier or two away from the top. Here’s a quick guide covering some of the best combos and attacks for Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat 1.

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Liu Kang Combos Simplified For Mortal Kombat 1

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Liu Kang’s combos flow into each other pretty well, with most of them finishing while airborne. If there’s a plus symbol between inputs, that means that the two buttons need to be pressed simultaneously. Other than that, be sure to press the buttons quickly so that the game can register what’s happening. Here is a list of the best Liu Kang combos that we’ve discovered.

Back+2, 3 into 3,3,3This is an airborne combo that launches the opposing player into the air with back+2,3, and then while they’re in the air, you can finish them off with three kicks using the 3,3,3, combo.
3,3,3, into Back, Forward, 3+RTFor this combo, you’ll want to start with a three-kick combo by pressing 3, 3, and 3, then while they’re still airborne, you’ll want to launch a fire missile by pressing back, forward, and 3+RT. The RT is the right trigger or button.
Back, Forwards, 3+RT into Back, Forward, 3This is a simple, punish-type move that you can use when your opponent misses an attack.

Liu Kang Moves In Mortal Kombat 1

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Move NameMove Input
Bare Knuckles1
Dragon Scales1,2
Punishing Palm1,2,1
Fang StrikeForward+1
Shaolin StutterForward+1,4
Low KnockDown+1
Yin And Yang2
Dragon Fangs2,2
Pyromancer’s Gift2,2,1
Rising FlameDown+2
High Flick3
Chosen One3,2
Too Easy3,3
Holding Back3,3,3
Side StepDown+3
Brain Buster4
Burning Desire4,3
Time SweeperBack+4
Double StrikeForward+4
The CreatorForward+4,3
Eternal PowerForward+4,3,4
Reverse HeelDown+4
Basic Attacks

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Liu Kang Special Moves And Fatality In Mortal Kombat 1

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Move NameMove Input
Cosmic FlameBack, Forward, 1
Enhanced Cosmic FlameBack, Forward, 1+RT
Cosmic Flame (Aerial Version)Back, Forward, 1
Enhanced Cosmic Flames (Aerial Version)Back, Forward, 1+RT
Low DragonDown, Back, 1
Enhanced Low DragonDown, Back, 1+RT
Dragon’s TailBack, Forward, 3
Enhanced Dragon’s TailBack, Forward, 3+RT
Dancing DragonBack, Forward, 4
Enhanced Dancing DragonBack, Forward, 4+RT
Dragon’s BreathDown, Back, 4
Enhanced Dragon’s BreathDown, Back, 4+RT
Dragon’s Breath (Close)Down, Back, 4, Back
Enhanced Dragon’s Breath (Close)Down, Back, 4+RT, Back
Double Dragon (Close) -FATALITY-Down, Back, Forward, B
Special Attacks