Microsoft planning monthly updates to keep us hyped for Xbox Series X

Keeping us informed.

Xbox Series X

Microsoft is planning to provide information-starved gamers with monthly updates about the Xbox Series X, as the company gets ever closer to releasing their next-generation hardware. Starting on May 7 with a special episode of Inside Xbox, you can expect a series of updates called Xbox 20/20 to keep you fully informed, and hyped, as the release date for the new console approaches.

The updates will cover all aspects of the business that are important to gamers, from news about the hardware, the games you will be playing on it, and the future of the new consoles, to currently established services like Game Pass, XCloud, and more.

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Microsoft is doing a pretty superb job as we get ready to start a new console generation. Clear messaging has let people know that from now on Microsoft will be fully embracing both console and PC gaming as they look to leverage a strong position across both platforms to their advantage.

When it comes to reveals, it feels like they are constantly a step ahead of Sony, as we have seen the Xbox Series X and its new controller, and the upcoming Inside Xbox will show off gameplay on May 7. The hype for the new Xbox feels very real, and Microsoft is clearly trying to keep that momentum up with these monthly updates.

There does not seem to be a set date each month for Xbox 20/20, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements about each one, and what subjects it will cover. You will be able to watch the upcoming Inside Xbox on May 7, at 8 am PT, 11 am ET on the Xbox Twitch channel.