Midnight Ghost Hunt adds Easter Eggs, rebalances Ghost abilities – Full patch notes

You really want to find these eggs before midnight.

Midnight Ghost Hunt easter eggs

Image via Vaulted Sky Studios

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In its second early access patch, Ghostbuster-inspired prop hunt shooter Midnight Ghost Hunt is adding a new festive gameplay element: Easter Eggs. These function like regular props and can be possessed by Ghost players and then flung at Hunters. Each map in Midnight Ghost Hunt only spawns a single Easter Egg which is hidden at the start of the match. Alongside the Easter Eggs, the game is pushing through a number of balance changes and quality of life improvements. Below is a full list of the changes coming to Midnight Ghost Hunt in patch 2.

Hunter changes

Hunters are only being hit with a couple of weapon changes. The Project X spin-up LMG has had its damage slightly decreased, while the Frostbite SMG got a damage buff and a stronger slow effect on its shots. The Reaper sniper rifle is slightly more accurate when unscoped, letting Hunters pull off more close-range hits.

Ghost changes

To help deal with the improved Frostbite, the Ghost perk Untrappable now fully cancels out the slow debuff. This could be situationally helpful, but unfortunately, it adds to the roster of nope-type abilities that punish players for experimenting by outright canceling an element of their loadout. Other than that, Ghosts in Midnight Ghost Hunt have the following abilities rebalanced:

  • Shove is now more consistent, reducing the odds of the ability seemingly having no effect on Hunters.
  • Doppelganger now has a slightly faster cooldown and its attacks hit a bit harder.
  • Apparition Ghosts can now be pinged by Hunters, helping them divert attention away from the real Ghosts.
  • Miasma can no longer damage Generators, Traps, or C4 through walls, but only if its gas is applied directly to these objects.
  • Using Phantom now cleanses pings from the Ghost, and Phantoms cannot be pinged for the duration of the ability.

Finally, the second Midnight Ghost Hunt patch also adds Korean and Italian language support, buffs up the game’s anti-cheat, and fixes a number of bugs, including the infamous fall-through-the-floor glitch on the Asylum map.