Midterm Temtem Roadmap includes 30 new Temtems, an end game island, Nuzlocke mode and more

The midterm roadmap for Temtem reveals many new additions to the game.


Temtem creator’s Crema follows up yesterday’s short-term roadmap with a mid-term roadmap showing their plans for winter 2020 through summer 2021. 

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A few highlights include that the next new island to be added is called Arbury, and will consist of 30 new Temtem, unlike the 15 of the other two announced islands. Dojo Wars were added and explained that clubs would be able to conquer, hold, and decorate dojos while their club reigns—more on clubs from yesterday’s roadmap. 

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This roadmap adds so many new pieces to the game, such as more mythical temtems, a cosmetic battle pass if you want your tamer to stand out from the crowd (note this will be a premium paid option). With more temtems being added, the need to trade increases. Trading houses will allow players to suggest and request Temtem trades without the need to befriend other players.

The end game island has been compared to the Pokémon battle frontier and will have different buildings for different types of battles post-game. Nuzlocke mode is a hardcore mode that releases a temtem any time it faints, and you can only catch 2 Temtems per area. It is not yet clear how this file will be separate from your main file.

It should also be noted that the game will be out on the console during this part of the roadmap.

Here is the full Midterm Roadmap broken down:

Winter 2020

  • New Island: Arbury
  • ~30 New Temtem
  • 2nd Mythical Temtem
  • Club Dojo Wars
  • Trading House
  • Ranked Matchmaking V2
  • Spectator Mode V2

Spring 2021

  • 1.0 Launch
  • End-Game Island
  • Console Ports
  • Daily/Weekly Quests
  • Battle Replay System
  • Cosmetics Store

Summer 2021

  • “Nuzlocke” Game Mode
  • 3rd Mythical Temtem
  • Arcade Bar
  • Draft PvP
  • Cosmetics Battle Pass

For more details and information about Temtem’s future, visit the full roadmap page on Crema’s website.

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