Mineko’s Night Market Devs Apologize For Less Than Cozy Switch Experience

Maybe this patch will make the Japanese kitty experience enjoyable on the Switch.

Mineko's Night Market Snacks in the House

Image via Meowza Games

Mineko’s Night Market has been met with a mixed reception, as players have reveled in its charming art style and captivating narrative but have been frustrated by nagging performance issues on the Nintendo Switch. The cozy atmosphere of the game has often been marred by technical problems, including lengthy load times that test players’ patience and music stuttering that disrupts the immersion. With a development journey spanning four to five years and multiple delays, many expected a more polished experience when it arrived on the Switch.

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However, two weeks after its release, the developers behind Mineko’s Night Market have issued a heartfelt apology letter to their Switch-playing community. The letter acknowledges the less-than-stellar experience that players have encountered and expresses gratitude for their support.

Meowza Games are Sorry about Mineko’s Night Market’s Performance on the Switch

The apology letter explains that the team is diligently working on patches to address various bugs and issues plaguing the game, promising a smoother and more enjoyable experience. These patches will tackle concerns such as the troublesome HQ quest, audio hitches during loading, and the problematic Ramen Shop quest. The developers also highlight the challenges of the console porting process, which can lead to delays in releasing updates.

The first patch, already in the works, will resolve some minor issues and is expected shortly. A more substantial second patch is on the horizon next week, set to address the HQ quest and other bugs already resolved on the PC version.

Despite the current setbacks, the developers reassure players that they are deeply committed to promptly fixing the game’s problems. They express solidarity with the player community and emphasize their dedication to delivering a more polished and enjoyable gaming experience.

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Mineko’s Night Market team works tirelessly to redeem the game’s reputation on the Nintendo Switch. For now, fans can hold onto the hope that these forthcoming patches will bring the game closer to the delightful experience they’ve eagerly anticipated.