Sims 4 Player Creates Barbie Movie’s Ken and Fans Think He’s Kenough

Spot-on user recreation of Ryan Gosling’s Ken from the Barbie movie sparks hilarious crossover Sims 4 and movie references

Ken is Simough

Image via Warner Bros Pictures and EA

This summer, the Barbie movie took social media by storm as fans made going to the theater a whole pink-studded event. Even though the movie has been out for a while now, we still can’t get enough of Barbie-themed memes and Ryan Gosling singing about living a life of blonde fragility.

One Sims 4 fan decided that their gaming life couldn’t be complete without recreating Ken as a character in the game, and reactions to the creation affirm that he is indeed Kenough… or should we say Simough?

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He’s Just Ken, and His Job is Just Sim

User @createasim took to Reddit to share their Sims masterpiece, a spot-on recreation of Ryan Gosling’s Ken.

CreateASim notes that this Ken’s job is sim, in the first of many fantastic Barbie movies and the Sims crossovers sparked by this initial look at in-game Ken. The images include several recreations of Ken’s outfits in the film, and the resemblance is truly remarkable.

In the comments, fans note that we need to recreate the movie’s mojo dojo casa house for this playable Ken to live in. If we know the Sims fan community, a perfect replica of the dreamhouse turned mojo dojo casa house is almost definitely on the way.

Another user seamlessly links the most recent Sims expansion pack to Ken’s hilarious misunderstanding of the patriarchy with their comment that “once he realized that the patriarchy didn’t include the horse ranch expansion pack, he wasn’t even interested anymore.” Others took the opportunity to comment back and forth with the lyrics to “I’m just Ken” because who can resist the chance to belt out this catchy tune from the movie?

This kind of creative potential is part of what makes The Sims 4 so much fun, and we can’t help but hope to see the film’s entire cast brought to the Sims universe ASAP.