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MMORPG Farming Sim Palia Announces Closed Beta Dates

The upcoming closed beta will give players a chance to experience this genre bending cozy MMORPG.

Recently shown during the Summer Nintendo Direct, Palia was a standout title that got a lot of players’ attention, and now those interested will have a chance to experience the game sooner than expected.

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Developer Singularity 6 has announced a closed beta for its upcoming multiplayer cozy sim Palia, giving players the opportunity to try the genre-blending experience of farming sim, adventure games, and MMO gameplay.

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Players Can Look Forward to a Blend of Cozy Sim, Adventuring, and MMORPG Gameplay

Image via Singularity Six

The beta will be for PC only and begin on August 2, 2023, with players able to register for a chance to participate by creating an account on the official Palia website. The closed beta will be on a rolling basis from the August 2 start date until August 10, when it will enter open beta. As an added bonus, any progress made will be maintained and carried across from the closed beta, open beta, and beyond, meaning players can keep all their progress when the game launches. The beta will first be released in North American and Western European regions and support English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German languages, with more planned to be added during the beta.

Palia is a new IP from Singularity 6 and will be a first-of-its-kind game that combines cozy life sim elements with adventure and MMORPG elements into a unique blend focused on community. Players can look forward to exploring a vibrant world of activities, including fishing, farming, and housing customization, completing quests, and discovering the game’s story. The game will also feature progression systems and other systems similar to MMORPGs as well as exploring dungeons and experiencing an ever-evolving world however they choose to, whether that be alone or with friends.

Players eager to see the game in action can also look forward to an upcoming gameplay live stream on July 18 at 10 AM PT, which will showcase what players can expect from the upcoming cozy MMORPG.

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From everything we have seen so far, Palia looks to be an exciting addition to the cozy space, with plenty of unique additions and quirks that set it apart from others in the space. With its wealth of content and different ways to play and experience the world, we can see it becoming a popular new addition to the genre if it all comes together effectively.

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