Modders have exposed cross Armor Core customization is already possible in Halo Infinite

Spartans can do it all, except wear what they want.

Image via 343 Industries

Like any Multiplayer shooter, many Halo fans were looking forward to all the new customization options coming to Halo Infinite, and 343 has largely delivered on these expectations. Since its release, we have gotten cat ear helmets, different colored armor pieces, and many other additions for your Spartan. However, one thing that has eluded players is the ability to swap armor pieces between Armor Cores. For example, if you have a Mark V Armour Core, you can not put Mark VII pieces on it.

Yet, according to Reddit user Eminemcrony, the ability to customize regardless of Armor Core was easily turned on by modders. Additionally, in the Reddit thread linked below, you can see the screenshots provided by user Hantar7788 of Spartans in different armor pieces despite their Armor Core.

This revelation has caused a fair bit of discussion amongst the Reddit thread, with many players trying to understand why developer 343 has chosen not to include this feature and if they will add it in the future. From this discussion, two major themes have emerged: lore and money.

First, let’s rule out lore as the reason. If the primary concern with cross Armor Core customization is lore, developer 343 wouldn’t have added the cat ears mentioned above.

Second, let’s talk about money. As pointed out by many users in the thread, 343 has likely made this choice to force players to buy/earn individual pieces to complete their sets. This decision would likely force players to either spend more or progress further in the Battle Pass to complete the look they want. Yet, this doesn’t seem like an effective practice since a large portion of the thread has expressed that they would spend more money if they had the option to pick each piece of their armor.

Lastly, to add an even stranger wrinkle to the story. Many players in the thread have pointed out that the bots in multiplayer often have mix and match armor. If true, this means robots have more freedom to customize themselves than players.