Moist Esports Pull Off a 720 Kraber No Scope to Win Second Consecutive Match

Moist Esports performed the most astounding feat of the ALGS Champs 2023 on Day 2 with a perfect 720 Kraber no scope to victory.

moist esports win on day 2 of algs champs 2023

Screnshot via ALGS

The ALGS Championship 2023 has been an incredibly exciting event so far. Teams worldwide have been competing all year at major LAN events to get to this tournament and, hopefully, be crowned as the best Apex Legends players of all time.

The tournament started yesterday and the Finals will take place this coming Sunday, but already on Day 2 we’ve seen one of the most spectacular feats from a team that could take the trophy home. This moment was the conclusion to Moist Esports’ second consecutive victory, and it’s truly a sight to behold.

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Moist Esports Performs Spectacular Feat and Goes on to Win Two Matches in a Row

The ALGS Championship 2023 has been going for two full days, but the teams are only just starting to show off their prowess. At this point in the event, every team wants to rack up as many points as possible to avoid leaving the Winner’s Bracket before eliminations. Somehow, Moist Esports is managing to do this with more style than any of the other 39 teams.

Today, as the ring closed around the last three teams of Match 5 in the second set of Group Matches, Moist Esports took down the opposition while player Emtee took it upon himself to use a Kraber to achieve a 720 no scope kill. As can be seen in the post above, shared by Jake Lucky, he was able to maintain his composure until the team had secured its victory.

The comments on this post alone show how impressive this feat is. “What the f**k that’s ACTUALLY WILD TO DO ON LAN.” It’s true, in a tournament like the ALGS Championship 2023, players want to play well and avoid risky moves like showy gunplay. Obviously, Emtee thought he could take the chance.

What makes the kill, which can be seen in the Day 2 video above, even more impressive is that there’s $2 million on the line. “2MILLION DOLLAR TOURNEY TOO. He’s a legend.” This is what makes these physical events such a joy for fans to watch and attend. Not only is there next-level Apex Legends gameplay on show, but the players are giving their all in every way, driven by the passion their fans have for their favorite teams and the game itself.

The elimination rounds for the ALGS Championship 2023 begin tomorrow, which is when teams outside of the Winner’s Bracket will play to save their place in the Finals. With Day 2 already being such an exciting spectacle, fans are in for a real treat as the stakes get higher and players push themselves to be even better.