Apex Legends Global Series Championship 2023 Complete Guide: Who is Winning & How to Watch

The Apex Legends Global Series Championship 2023 is the biggest eSports event of the Apex Legends calendar, and fans must know all about it.

apex legends global series split 2 playoffs trophy

Photograph by Gamepur

The Apex Legends Global Series Championship 2023 (ALGS CHAMPS) is the largest event in the Apex Legends eSports calendar. Fans have attended ALGS Split 1 and 2 Playoffs earlier in the year, but CHAMPS is the competition to be at and watch.

Fans and teams from around the world come together for this event to show who the best players in Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale shooter are. In this guide, we’ve outlined when and where the event takes place, which teams have qualified, how fans can get involved, and so much more.

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ALGS Championship 2023 Recap

shoutcasters at algs championship 2023
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Days 1 & 2

Day 1 of the ALGS Championship 2023 was great. Every team is excited to be here and has been focused on gaining points above all else. As is easy to see in the tables below, some teams did better than others and are in an amazing position going into Day 2.

Of course, it’s still all to play for, and with some teams racking up 20 kills in a single match, it’s possible that any team could turn things around and get into the top 20 before the day’s end. That’s the goal every team is aiming for because that will mean they enter the Winner’s Bracket.

Days 3 and 4 of the ALGS Championship 2023 are all about eliminations. 10 teams go home each day, but the 20 teams in the Winner’s Bracket are safe. The goal for today for every team is to get into or ensure they remain in that Winner’s Bracket so they can have a rest ahead of Finals Day.

One of the most stunning moments of Day 2 came right towards the end of the second Group Stage when Moist Esports’ Emtee managed to squeeze in a 720 Kraber no scope. The end of the day felt so much more competitive than everything that had come before, a perfect way to end before a slightly later, yet more intense, Day 3.

Day 3

Day 3 was an almost ridiculous dive into some of the best Apex Legends matches ever seen. The teams furiously fought for their places in these early elimination matches and many came out on top, so they can prove their worth on Finals day.

Day 4

Some would call Day 4 of the ALGS Champs quite chilled, but we feel they were the most frantic yet. Teams like DarkZero fought and lost for their place in the Finals, with others just barely scraping in so that they can recuperate and recover for a night before Finals starts.


The Finals of the ALGS Championship 2023 have been incredible so far. Only one team has made it to matchpoint in the first three matches, but the real focus so far has been the EA Positive Play Award, which TSM’s Verhulst won.

How to Watch the Apex Legends Global Series Championship 2023

There are two ways to watch the ALGS Championship 2023. The first is the official YouTube channel where a new video will be streamed to each day. This is where we’d recommend watching the event because there are already streams set up for each day to provide the best clarity for fans.

However, those who prefer Twitch can also watch the streams on the official Twitch channel. The only difference here is that the Twitch channel will stream the most up to date content, while it’s all organized for users to scan through on YouTube.

We’ve been enjoying the ALGS Championship 2023 in person, but are incredibly thankful for the YouTube videos of each day for the priceless moments that are replayed and captured forever from the event. One we loved from Day 1 was a recreation of Innuendo Bingo by XSET in a skit between rounds.

How Does the Pause Mechanic Work at the ALGS Championship 2023

casters at algs champs 2023
Image via ALGS

One thing that’s plagued the ALGS Championship 2023 is the pause mechanic. This is a new system implemented specifically for the event that helps keep matches flowing even when crashes occur. Some fans believed the version of Apex Legends being used at the event was buggy or that the mechanic was hiding something, potentially penalizing players.

However, ALGS worked hard to get clarification on how the pause mechanic works so all fans are aware of what’s going on. Essentially, when a player crashes out, a pause request is made and monitored by two officials before a system kicks in to pause the game when players aren’t battling with each other. Then, when that crash has been fixed, everyone jumps back into the match at hand.

When is the Apex Legends Global Series Championship 2023

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Image via Premier Communications

The ALGS Championship 2023 runs from September 5, 2023 to September 10, 2023. At the time of writing, the tournament has now begun, so we recommend fans check out the standings in the tables above to keep on top of the event. The teams will compete throughout the week, with the finals taking place on the last day. Each team must earn enough points to secure their position in future rounds. Then, in the final matches, they must earn 50 points before they enter a Match Point status and can win the entire event if they manage to win the following match.

We were able to sit down with Genburten of DarkZero ahead of the event to get an idea of how some of teams are feeling leading up to the event. He explained how, despite the team’s win during the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs, all three of them are staying humble and coming into this tournament hungry for a win. To emerge from the colossal group of 40 teams as the best. The shared goal of every team here.

Which Teams Have Qualified for the Apex Legends Global Series Championship 2023

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Image via Premier Communications

The teams that have qualified for the ALGS Championship 2023 and their groups are shown below. The groups these teams are sorted into only really affect which teams they’ll be playing against in the early stages of the event. As with any Apex Legends eSports event, it could be anyone’s game regardless of group.

Team NamePlayersGroup
Disguiseddooplex, senoxe, louA
GoNext EsportsSlab, B4mbino, MysiA
MDY WhiteLd, MingYUE, FeiJuA
SentinelsXenial, Rkn, KoyfulA
Auroraojrein, 9impulse, taskmast33rA
RealizeKaronPe, Obly, SangJoonA
OpTic GamingKnoqd, skittleCakes, DroppedA
Oxygen EsportsReedz, aidanthedestroye, VeinA
FnaticYukaF,Meltstera, UmichanLovetiA
TSMReps, ImperialHal, VerhulstA
Les cites de FranceCyqop, Kizaron, AimbotPB
Start a Fight EsportsSleep, Lusquinn, JinqsB
Crazy RaccoonRas, Parkha, MainyB
Riddle OrderYUKIO, MiaK, 1tappyB
DreamFirePite, Roieee, 3MzB
100 ThievesVaxlon, Onmuu, scuwryB
Element 6KSWINNIIE, Slayers, TylerB
LG ChivasYanYa, jaguares, NeazulB
AcendPostKiLL, Lufka, K4sheraB
XSEToh Nocturnal, Sikezz, FunFPSB
NORTHEPTIONsatuki, L1ng, LykqC
The DojoEnemy, iiTzTimmy, DezignfulC
Tom Yum KungKilloposz, Wey, PanayieC
Enter Force.36YunD, Aimbot, ILYC
ComplexityMonsoon, Cody, LewdaC
PULVEREXsaku, Ftyan, ShunMiC
Ganbare OtousanJungHee, Jusna, DogmaC
FaZe ClanPhony, Snip3down, FrexsC
AllianceYuki, Effect, HakisC
DarkZero EsportsGenburten, Zer0, XynewC
IronBloodGamingBambino, Slab, MysiD
K1CKStalizy, CloNeZERA, VangloriosoD
JLINGZ EsportsJmw, Noiises, NaghzD
BLVKHVNDPlayerK, StrafingFlame, EzFlashD
Team SingularityBesk9, artiNN1, B1ND
FC DestroyHammerDrill, UmichanLoveti, yukaPEROdatorD
ONIC EsportsRakiiii, Fussy, shadiD
PioneersSirDel, Gnaske, ZaineD
Moist EsportsEmtee, TBA, WxltzyD
NRGnafen, sweetdreams, GildD

Who is Winning the Apex Legends Global Series Championship 2023

darkzero player at algs split 2 playoffs
Image via Premier Communications

At the time of writing, the ALGS Championship 2023 hasn’t started, so no one team is ahead of the other. Apex Legends is the type of game that’s so open that any team could take first place and win, which makes it so exciting. If we had to guess, though, we’d go with our favorite to win, DarkZero, because of the fact that they scrim more than any other team in the industry and won the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs.

Below, we’ve included tables for the overall standings of the ALGS Championship 2023 plus one for the Finals. The overall standings will be kept up to date as each Group Stage match or day ends, while the Finals table will show points for each team playing on the last day of the event.

ALGS Championship 2023 Finals Standings

PositionTeam NamePlayersGroupPointsEliminated?

How is the ALGS Championship 2023 Prize Pool Split

team in algs split 2 playoffs
Image via Premier Communications

There’s a whopping $2 million prize pool for the ALGS Championship 2023, and that money will be split between teams instead of one team taking it all home. Still, the top five teams take home a cumulative $1,430,000, leaving smaller sums for many other teams, while others may go home empty-handed.

We’ve listed the breakdown of how the prize pool is split by position in the table below, so it’s easy to understand. Only the top 20 teams take home money from the prize pool, with the bottom 20 leaving with nothing. This means that even if a team only ends up placing 20th in the Finals, they still see some return on their time at the event.

PositionTeam NamePlayersPrize Pool Split