Monsters Within is the first Apex Legends event to have permanently craftable cosmetics

Don’t forget, they’re here forever.

Monsters Within Revenant

Image via Respawn

Monsters Within is a thematic event acting as the 2021 Halloween event in Apex Legends. It is bringing with it the return of the Shadow Royale Limited-Time Mode, a brand-new Arenas map, and a bunch of new cosmetics. The Monsters Within event will have a total of 40 new unlockable cosmetics, which may seem like a lot, but unlike past thematic events, this collection of items isn’t going anywhere. That’s right, all 40 items from the Monsters Within event will be permanently craftable in their respective Legends’ cosmetic menus.

During the event, you can craft these items for their full event cost, which is usually double the cost of a standard cosmetic of that tier. That said, you can also buy a Monsters Within Event Pack for only 400 Apex Coins, which will guarantee one non-repeat Monsters Within item. If you have your eye on a specific skin, or if luck just isn’t on your side with the packs, waiting the long game is going to save you some resources.

Not only are the cosmetics from this event going to be craftable forever, but after two in-game seasons (~180 days), all of the cosmetic prices will be lowered, most likely to the standard price of a cosmetic of that rarity. In addition, all Monsters Within items will also be added to the normal Apex Pack loot pool, so you always have a chance to get one when you open a new Apex Pack.

All in all, if you want a Monsters Within event skin, but just can’t shell out the resources, there is no worry this time. Just hope for some good luck, pay the price a little later, or wait a couple of seasons. Your day will come.

The Monsters Within thematic event runs from October 12 until November 2.