Neverwinter Module 26: Demonweb Pits Launches on PC & Consoles

Neverwinter’s 26th Module, Demonweb Pits, is now available for PC and Console players, introducing dangerous challenges.

Neverwinter Demonweb Pits Announcements

Image via Cryptic Studios

Neverwinter players can now move on to the next challenge in the Underdark following Module 25: Menzoberranzan, with the PC and console launch of Module 26: Demonweb Pits. The new addition to the story will have D&D fans facing off against the Demon Goddess Lolth, as well as exploring a new Adventure Zone filled with exciting encounters.

The Underdark is a terrifying world Neverwinter’s developers have sculpted with stunning structures and unique biomes. Players have joined up to fight against giant spiders and solve unsettling mysteries. Now they must descend into the Demonweb Pits to challenge Lolth herself and prevent the Abyss from merging with the Material Plane.

Enter the Abyss in Neverwinter to Battle Lolth

Neverwinter players can begin Module 26: Demonweb Pits starting July 18, 2023. The module is available for both PC via Steam and Arc, as well as Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Included in the module is the new Adventure Zone Narbondellyn. The iconic Menzoberranzan neighborhood holds exciting encounters with powerful monsters and also offers players a chance to explore the House Fey-Branche in preparation for delving into the Abyss.

Additionally, the new dungeon, The Demonweb Pits, will take players into Lolth’s domain, where they will encounter her at both Normal and Master difficulty for unique loot. Lolth’s battle is a difficult challenge and perfect for confident parties looking to test their skills in combat.

Additionally, Neverwinter fans will have the chance to access new Hunts in Menzoberranzan. These Hunts feature demons and monsters that have appeared via the Abyssal tears throughout the area, and each encounter will require strategy and thought to be defeated.

In addition to the exciting adventures in the Underdark, Neverwinter’s 26th module also introduces a new post-leveling experience called The Hero’s Path. These new goals are designed to help players at level 20 continue to grow and challenge themselves via a guided route through everything Neverwinter has to offer.

Fans of Menzoberranzan, monstrous fights, and stunning locations will have plenty to explore and discover while tackling Module 26: Demonweb Pits. With plenty of loot to gather, jumping in and tackling the epic conclusion in the Underdark is sure to be an exciting experience for any party brave enough to dive into the Abyss.