New Halo Infinite key art debuts rumored grapple hook, new Halo installation

Prepare to finish the fight. Again.

Halo Infinite key art gives clearest look yet at Master Chief's next adventure

Image via 343 Industries

A brand new piece of Halo Infinite artwork has given us the clearest look yet at Master Chief’s next adventure. Ahead of the worldwide gameplay reveal at Thursday’s Xbox Games showcase, a 14-second teaser was posted on the official Xbox Twitter account and seemingly confirms recent rumors about upgrades to Chief’s suit, the setting for the game, and more.

The key art was also confirmed to be the game’s new box cover art by 343 community manager u/snickerdoodle on the Halo Waypoint website ahead of the video going live.

The stinger begins with a close-up of John-117’s visor before pulling back to reveal more intriguing details. Rumors earlier this week suggested that Master Chief would come equipped with a new grapple hook accessory, and those rumors appear to be true. There’s a new device attached to the Spartan armor covering Master Chief’s left forearm, and it certainly appears to be grapple hook-shaped.

The sixth mainline entry in the franchise looks like it’ll be set on another Halo installation, and the key art hints at a nostalgic feel to the game with its lush environments, forerunner technology, and unfinished Halo ring. Posts on the Resetera forums have proposed that Chief is on Installation 07, but those reports are unconfirmed at this time.

The last clue within the key art continues to hint that The Banished — Halo Wars 2‘s chief antagonists — will play a prominent role in proceedings. As shown on the Resetera forums, zooming in on Chief’s visor appears to show the imposing figure of Hyperius, The Banished’s leader.

Hyperius has a Hunter-class Mjolnir helmet attached to his shoulder and, as the zoomed in image show, that helmet is clearly visible. Coupled with a recent teaser about The Banished’s involvement, all signs point towards Hyperius being the figure reflected in Master Chief’s visor.

We’ll find out more about Halo Infinite‘s story, enemies, setting, and abilities during the July 23 Xbox Games Showcase. Halo Infinite is due to launch Holiday 2020 on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass for PC.