New live-action Halo Infinite trailer drops ahead of release

Believe in the Chief that believes in you.

Screenshot by Gamepur via Xbox YouTube

Microsoft and 343 Industries shared a new live-action trailer for Halo Infinite this afternoon in the lead-up to the FPS’s highly anticipated launch on December 8. Titled “Forever We Fight,” the trailer takes viewers through past, present, and future scenes of war, placing acts of valor from different soldiers alongside the Master Chief’s own battle against the Banished.

The somber approach to the trailer takes notes from earlier Halo media, with a similar cinematic feeling to the “Believe” trailers from Halo 3. The release also comes after a recent tease for the Halo TV series coming to Paramount+ in the future, so fans haven’t seen the last of John-117 in live-action.

343i released the trailer alongside a new promotional website that uses a webcam photo to let you “become the Master Chief” in a custom video.

The studio’s efforts to recapture the strengths of the original trilogy are more prevalent than ever with Infinite. The game faced the longest development cycle in the series since the original game, several key developers left midway through production, and fans were underwhelmed by its initial debut gameplay, but things are looking up for the Chief’s latest outing.

The multiplayer’s surprise free-to-play launch in beta has made the game a success before its full release. Players have had some issues with the game’s progression systems, but overall first impressions have been solid. Fans will get to experience the Master Chief’s new adventure in its entirety on December 8.