New lore video sets up the world of Rainbow Six Extraction

The trailer demonstrates how React is tackling this new foe.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Ubisoft has released a new lore trailer for Rainbow Six Extraction. This video sets up the state of the world in the game, where the Archaean alien threat has emerged across the US once more, creating pockets of hostility that need to be contained.

A new task force called React has been put together to tackle this threat. The team is slowly starting to understand how the aliens work. Still, every step forward seems to be met with several steps backward as new Archaean forms are uncovered, including one that should look strangely familiar to Rainbow Six Siege fans.

The video mentions that the Archaeans have returned, not that this is the first time they’ve been encountered. This seems to confirm that the 2018 event in Rainbow Six Siege that featured a very similar enemy is cannon. However, Rainbow Six Extraction is a completely different game.

In Rainbow Six Extraction, three players must work together to battle their way through dozens of ever-changing maps completing objectives for React. This will help further the group’s research into the species and help them understand how to better tackle the threat they pose to the world.

The trailer’s final moments show an enemy that looks like Sledge, an Operator in both Rainbow Six titles. This is only a taste of what players can expect to see when they finally get their hands on the game on January 20.