New Lost Ark continent, South Vern, will not launch with the requisite Chaos Dungeons

Pressing the brakes a little bit.

Image via Smilegate

Lost Ark is getting a new continent in five days, bringing a new story and location for Tier 3 players to enjoy. However, despite the launch of the new area, players will not be able to participate in the new Chaos Dungeon that would accompany South Vern.

This news was confirmed by the Community Manager Roxx in a Discord post, where a user asked if South Vern would launch with Chaos Dungeons. Roxx stated that the Chaos Dungeons were “not slated in for immediate release with South Vern [at the moment].”

Typically, the start of a new continent brings new Chaos Dungeons with higher tier rewards for players to enjoy. Chaos Dungeons are a daily activity that sends you against mobs of enemies to earn important materials for honing your gear, so a new Chaos Dungeon would have accelerated the progress of players item level 1415 and above.

Roxx stated the reasoning for this delay was that “it makes sense for us to release 1415+ content in May,” so players are not too strong for the release of the upcoming Abyss Raids and Guardian Raids that require item level 1415. Players have been divided over the delay on the official forums, with some stating this was a good decision so that content is not released too quickly, while others are upset at the developers slowing down progression.