New No More Heroes III gameplay trailer, physical version confirmed

The trailer is as weird, crazy, and awesome as you’d imagine.

No More Heroes III 3

Image via Marvelous Inc.

Studio Marvelous Inc. dropped a livestream earlier today for the upcoming No More Heroes III, hosted by design lead Goichi Suda, gaming personality Mafia Kajita, and VTuber Shishiro Botan. Not only were fans treated to an action-packed brand new gameplay trailer, but the livestream showcased tons of other information on new and returning features. 

The biggest news, however, is the reveal of a physical release of the game, including what will most likely be a Japanese exclusive set of the entire trilogy called the Killion Dollar Trilogy set.

The video starts with a short story trailer with Travis finding out about the alien invasion after nearly knocking on his front door. Bad Girl and Shinobu Jacobs are confirmed as returning characters in the best way when they appear by his side, ready to fight. From there, the video cuts to Sylvia as she runs through the previous games’ plots and proceeds to destroy the fourth wall by bringing up the Metacritic score of No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Back.

Through the rest of the livestream, we find out that part-time jobs have been confirmed, there will be Jeane the cat minigames, the open world is back, some of the Death Glove (skills) were also shown. There will be 12 different suplexes from wrestler Akira Maeda, Dr. Naomi is a tree, and “something” might happen if you have save data from past games. The official site also revealed a bit more information on the open world, namely that along with Santa Destroy, there will be four new locations to explore.

Inio Asano, from Oyasumi Punpun, also designed a new character, Newtype Kamui (the same Newtype from the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise).

For those not aware, Kamui is a reoccurring character from the larger Kill the Past universe that involves most of Suda51’s titles over the course of his career. Having Kamui in No More Heroes III means that the franchise world is directly linked to other titles such as The Silver Case, Flower Sun and Rain, and The 25th Ward.

No More Heroes III will release on August 27 for Nintendo Switch.