New Sony and XDEV IP leak shows third-person sci-fi RPG gameplay

The game will apparently be very gooey.

Image via PlayStation

A very brief glimpse at some alpha footage of a new Sony IP has been leaked online. The footage, which is mere seconds in length, is said to be a new Sony IP being developed with XDEV and a currently unknown external studio.

Footage of this game was posted on the gaming leaks and rumors subreddit along with several details to add to its validity. The footage itself shows a clearly early build of a character with a rifle being controlled from a third-person perspective approaching a massive shifting tower with a giant Lovecraftian eye-looking object in the sky.

According to the post, the game will be a sci-fi RPG built in Unreal Engine 5 by a studio based in Europe. Dusk Golem, a notable leaker in the gaming space, confirmed this footage to be from an old build of a game that they have nicknamed “Ooze.” They gave it this moniker not based on the actual title, but rather what the game itself is supposedly like.

Dusk Golem claims to have not seen the leaked clip prior to it appearing online, but that they have seen much more about it from newer builds. They claim the version they saw was much more polished, fully voiced, and had original music.

While some speculated that this could be the Project Carbon that was spotted in some leaked PlayStation documents in 2022, Dusk Golem refutes that as a possibility.

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While the clip itself is very brief, and the footage shown is very clearly far from a finished project, many are drawing comparisons to other games such as Resistance, Gears of War, and Haze. Based on the state of the game Dusk Golem claims to have seen, it is possible this project is much closer to an official reveal than this leaked clip indicates. Until that time, fans seem cautiously optimistic about what they’ve seen.