New weapon Nemesis Burst AR leaked in Evolution Collection Event patch notes Apex Legends

New burst weapon coming to Apex Legends… eventually.

Nemesis Burst AR

Image via Respawn

The announcement of the Evolution Collection Event came with lots of great intended news and exciting updates for Apex Legends. That said, there was one piece of information that had players squinting and looking a little closer. In the patch notes and trailer for the event, there was an extra weapon seen in the Arenas shop. The weapon was labeled “Nemesis Burst AR”.

Nemesis in the shop
Image via Respawn

This was an accidental leak, as confirmed by Respawn Director of Communications Ryan K. Rigney on Twitter shortly after the release of the footage. The gun will not be in the game for the patch, or even any time soon.

That said, it has still piqued the interest of many players, wondering what the future might hold. This unreleased weapon is going to be a new burst fire weapon, in the same category as the Prowler SMG and the Hemlok Burst AR.

Like the Hemlok, the Nemesis is also an assault rifle. Unlike the other two burst weapons, which both take heavy, the Nemesis is an energy weapon. It can be kitted out with a Barrel Stabilizer, Extended Energy Magazine, all optics for an assault rifle and a standard stock. The weapon will cost 500 Crafting Materials in Arenas.