Nexomon 3 Reveal Sends Fan Base Into a Wild Frenzy

Developer Vewo Interactive has officially revealed the third game in the Nexomon series, which moves in a bold new direction.


Image via Vewo Interactive

Developer Vewo Interactive has announced the third game in the Nexomon series is officially in development. Nexomon 3, the game’s working title, appears to push the series in a new direction that fans may not be familiar with, but are thoroughly excited about.

Nexomon 3 looks like it will change the series in a similar way to how the most recent Pokemon titles have for that one. Instead of a 2.5D camera angle, everything is beautifully rendered with 3D models in what could well be an open world. While it’s a big change from what they’re used to, fans are embracing these changes with open arms.

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Nexomon Fans Go Wild for Nexomon 3’s New Look

Nexomon 3 was confirmed as “in development” this week by the official Nexomon Twitter account. The development team told fans to brace themselves for an “epic story-driven adventure with new Nexomon and thrilling battles.” The post includes a link to the Steam page where fans can wishlist the new game, which features screenshots that look extremely different from past Nexomon titles.

The Steam page has a trailer that gives fans some idea of what the game will look like, with a vast open world stretching around a character as they lean against a tree with their Nexomon. Fans can’t get enough of it, with one replying “I need this in PS4 or on Switch. Looks fantastic!!” Another fan sums up the general consensus to this reveal “ARE U KIDDING ME THIS LOOKS SO GOOD IM SO EXCITED!!”

Nexomon 3 follows in the footsteps of the Pokemon franchise as it shifted to the Switch, introducing a look similar to open world RPGs or Pokemon Scarlet and Violet while maintaining the gameplay fans adore. Compared to the second game in the series, Nexomon 3 is lightyears ahead, and while the change in scope must have felt like a gamble to the developer, it’s clearly paid off based on how well fans have received it.

The Steam page promises an expansive and immersive open world that players can lose themselves in. It also sounds like it’ll double down on what separates it from other monster-taming games, namely an innovative combat system, impactful choices, an epic story, and hundreds of new monsters to discover and collect.