Next Nintendo Direct On The Way, GameStop Listing Suggests


According to a new rumor, there’s a chance a Nintendo Direct might air in the next couple weeks, closer to the end of September.

Despite Gamescom wrapping up shortly, it looks like Nintendo kept several upcoming announcements under wraps. Those announcements could be coming exceptionally soon, according to a recent GameStop listing.

Sabi, a reliable source for information who leaked the Final Fantasy VIII Remastered details, believes, “GameStop has added EVEN MORE new Nintendo Switch SKUs, more than the previously found 12.”

As he notes, an SKU is a “stock keeping unit.” It’s a placeholder for a product which has not been announced but has to have a place reserved. This time around, they’ve all added in the software category for Nintendo Switch, so it’s all about games.

Sabi adds that “seems like we’re getting closer to news,” so he believes that the those SKUs are not getting added for the sake of it. They’re not for stuff we already know about, but a new Nintendo Direct with a bunch of new information could be on its way.

Considering we’re talking about 18 games, it’s easy to conclude that a Nintendo Direct could be on its way. Nintendo has leaned on these to share an assort of announcements for the past few years. And if you look at the fact that GameStop might already know about that, we have a clue it’s on the way.

Of course, we’ll update you as soon as we gather more information about this leak.