Niantic Offers Free Remote Raid Passes For Legendary Shiny Odds “Bug”

After a technical issue caused Legendary Shiny Odds to drop, Niantic is offering players free Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go.

pokemon go lake trio

Image via Niantic

Pokemon Go players were outraged when an independent study revealed the Shiny odds for Legendaries Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf in raids were lowered far beyond the usual 1/50 chance. Players reported Azelf’s odds had been lowered to 1/126, while Mespirit’s were somewhere around 1/64.

Trainers assumed this was an intentional nerf to Shiny odds for Legendary Raids, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. According to a tweet from Niantic Support, the low odds were due to a “technical issue.”

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Technical “bug” causes lowered Shiny appearance rates

Niantic apologized for the bug and further confirmed with Eurogamer that the lowered Shiny odds resulted from an “unfortunate technical error.” But a simple apology was not all Niantic offered.

In the same tweet, Niantic claimed they would share details regarding an upcoming Special Raid Event via a future blog post. Additionally, trainers are set to receive free Remote Raid passes for each Uxie, Mespirit, or Azelf raid they participated in during the time the technical error occurred. They will furthermore receive a Remote Raid Pass in addition to the ones they are reimbursed.

The Pokemon Go community was happy with the response, many saying this was the best way Niantic could have handled the situation. However, there were those a bit more cynical, questioning whether Niantic would follow through with the Raid Passes.

That said, Niantic hasn’t stated when players can expect to see their reimbursement, only that more info for a future raid event would appear in a blog post soon.