Pokemon Go Reportedly Lowers Legendary Raid Shiny Rates

Niantic is prodding the bear once again as Pokemon Go players are outraged by the reported decreased Shiny odds for Legendary Pokemon.

Image via The Pokémon Company

This year, Niantic faced backlash due to changes to the game’s Remote Raid Pass system. These changes, including a price increase and a limit on the number of remote raid passes per day, frustrated players who heavily relied on them for raid participation and rare Pokémon encounters. As a result, the #HearUsNiantic movement emerged, demanding a reversal of the remote raid pass system changes. The ongoing controversy highlights the tension between Niantic and Pokémon Go players.

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A new development has further stirred up controversy in the ongoing saga between Niantic and Pokemon Go players. Recent reports indicate that the shiny rate for legendary Pokemon encountered during raids has been reduced to 1/125. This means the chances of encountering a shiny legendary Pokemon have become slimmer.

Pokémon Go’s Apparent Drop in Shiny Rates Enrages Players

The shocking news emerged on a Reddit thread that utilized data from a prominent Japanese aggregative community website that tracks players’ ability to catch shiny Pokemon in the wild. Under normal circumstances, the previous odds for finding a shiny legendary Pokemon through a raid battle in Pokemon Go are calculated at one in every 20 raids.

However, an analysis of recently collected data from the community has revealed that the shiny chances for the highly sought-after Azelf and Mesprit raids were approximately 1/126 and 1/64, respectively. This drastic alteration in shiny rates has sparked frustration and annoyance among players, who are left questioning the motives behind Niantic’s decision to make shiny Pokémon even more elusive.

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Players’ frustrations have increased with the reported decrease in shiny rates for legendary Pokemon. Many are left wondering why Niantic would make it even harder to obtain shiny Pokemon, especially after recent changes to the game’s raid system had already sparked considerable backlash.